Cockapoo Cottage is definitely "the place" to purchase your cockapoo puppy!"  We brought our Willow home in June 2018 and couldn't have been more happy.  Willow is the love of our life - affectionate, smart, energetic, and seriously cute.  Luann has been there for us since the very first day we emailed her about purchasing a puppy, answering question after question, sending pictures and videos.  Luann knows and loves her dogs and it shows.  I would highly recommend Cockapoo Cottage to anyone wanting to purchase a puppy - is is the very best!

Dick and Betsy Linhart and Willow too!

Nov. 2018


"Hello Luann,"

I hope all is going well with you.  I just wanted to give you an update on Hammie as he is now 6 months old today.  We love him so much, and he has been such a great addition to our family.  He still loves to play, cuddle, be the center of attention, and eats any kind of food.  For being such an eater, he is still pint-sized.  When we brought him to the vet  a few weeeks ago he finall hit 10 lbs.

Hammie even got to take a trip to Minnesota this winter.  He was great on the plane ride and loved meeting all of his extended family and running around in the snow.  Everyone who meets him instanrly loves him.  He loves meeting new people and getting all of the attention. He even seeems to get a little upset when someone walks by him without giving him a pet.  

I just want to thank you again for bringing the best dog we could have imagined into our lives.  It was such a pleasure to work with you  and very easy.  I would recommend for anyone looking to get a cockapoo to go to Cockapoo Cottage.  You can reallly tell how much you care for all of your fur babies!  We felt like we knew Hammmie before bringing him home thanks to your photos and videos.  

Thank you again,

Michelle and Ovid 

​Feb. 2018

Stella and Murray

"Hi Luann,
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.  Sean and I just wanted to share some pictures with you and let you know how much Stella and Murray have added to our home.

They bonded from day one, love to snuggle to sleep, are always in the same room with each other, and always, want whatever the other one has, especially the chew toys!!

Both are very healthy and growing!  Stella is now 12.5 lbs, the vet feels she's most likely at her full size (which is perfect).  Murray, at 5 months, is 10.4 lbs, he's all boy.  Stockier than Stella who stay slight and petite.

They have different personalities, Stella is sweet and a little shy, Murray is the comic, into everything and has never met a stranger.

They have both added so much to our lives, and bring joy and smiles every day!

Thank you, we so appreciate all you do to breed and raise these wonderful puppies.

Anne and Sean Egan
December 2017


"Hi Luann,
On the eve of Cocoa's 1st birthday, I wanted to let you know how lucky we feel to have found you and Cocoa last January.  Cocoa has been an amazing puppy.  She blended right in with our family and senior dog.  She has been easy to train, thanks to your early nurturing and socialization with her.  Cocoa has the best personality!  She is playful and outgoing with everyone she comes in contact with.  There isn't a human or other dog that she doesn't want to play with.  She greets us with so much affection every time we return home or enter the room.  Cocoa is very accommodating to what is going on around her.  She loves going for long walks or adventures, but also is content to curl up next to you and have a relaxing day.  She is an excellent companion.

I wanted anyone who looks at your website to know that I highly recommend you and your puppies.  
This is our first cockapoo, and we would definitely return to you if we choose to add another cockapoo to our family in the future.  Your puppies are loved and well cared for from the beginning, which results into healthy, happy, well adjusted dogs.  Thank you for all you do for your dogs and their babies.  

Hope all is well with you and your family!
Stacie Kelley
​November 2017


"My husband and I had a great experience working with Luann to find our perfect puppy.  She is great at returning emails and texts quickly, even after we picked up our puppy!  I can tell she loves all of her dogs, and wants them in loving homes.  Our cockapoo, JP, is smart, adorable, and on top of tha a sweetheart!  We feel like Luann cares deeply about her puppies, but doesn't make you jump through 50 hurdles to purchase one of them - her process is very streamlined.  We definitely recommend Cockapoo Cottage to anyone looking for a puppy!"

Robin and Ken Troutman
​Aug 2017


Dear Luann,

We absolutely love our cockapoo puppy Teddy.  It has been five weeks since he came to live with us and he has been an amazing addition to our family.  Teddy is incredibly loving and sweet; he adores people and wants nothing more than to divide his time between playing outside and cuddling in our laps.  He already completed Puppy Kindergarten and is enjoying going for long walks in our town where he has met lots of other dogs.

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job raising him as a very young pup.  We know that your devotion to your puppies helped Teddy make an easy transition to our home and become an instant part of our family.  He is my first dog, and I feel very lucky that he’s the one!

All the best,
Michele Kurtz (and Scott Greenberger)

Here are a few pictures of Teddy at 16 weeks, including one of him with our children Sydney and Eli


Hi Luann,
Wanted to let you know puppy is well and seems to be growing in front of our eyes.  Our daughter decided to name her  "Winnie".

Winnie is a happy, determined, smart and playful little pup.  She sits on command and loves to chase us and kiss us.  Here's a couple of recent pics.

Hope you and your family - human and otherwise - have a Happy 'Thanksgiving.

​Best, Brad            11/2016

XMAS 2016

Happy Holidays!  

Winnie is growing up so fast.  She had her third vet visit last Saturday and was 4.8 lb!  She is adjusting nicely and we are making progress with potty training.  She prefers to hold her bladder all instead of using the piddle pad in her cage.  She to loves to play fetch and tries to out smart us when we play monkey in the middle.  She is a joy to have in our lives and brightens each and every day with her bouncy nature.  She loves to play tug of war and is starting to bite a little less each day.  We finally figured out that her biting was an invitation to play.  She runs like a bullet around our family room and often dances on her hind legs.  I call her our little circus pup.  Ellie absolutely adores her and Winnie goes bananas whenever Ellie comes home or walks into the room.  We wanted to send a few photos along with our wish for the New Year.  We will continue to update you on Winnie's progress.  

All the best,

~Biegon Family

XMAS 2017

Sugar Bear  aka Suggie

Dear Luanne,

Dick and I want you to know how much we love our Cockapoo, Sugar Bear, who we call Suggie.  She is now 10 months old and has been nothing but a delight to us since the moment we brought her home from your house.  She is so sweet, kind and very calm and loves playing with other dogs and loves all our Grandchildren as well.  I remember the Vet telling me than she can always tell the difference when puppy's come from a loving environment where they are held and loved as puppies, which is a real tribute to you and family and your beautiful care of these little ones.

Warmest Regards,



Hi Luann,

Hope you are well.
Baxter just got groomed this morning and I wanted to share his photo : )  He is a wonderfully sweet and affectionate dog who is really a special part of our family : )) 
Last week he learned how to climb down stairs adn we will start puppy class at Petco this week.  Baxter loves hanging out and enjoys the backyard very much.  He really loves fetching with the tennis ball.  My boys are over the moon with their new best friend.  Thanks for bringing him into our lives : )  
Hope your family and other little cockapoos are doing well.



Lexi is a very energetic, healthy, playful puppy, even though she is almost a year old...she will always be a puppy in my mind.  She loves being around people and also enjoys her new big brother.  She can be strong willed at times, she's still a sweetheart.  She is always willing to give "hugs".  Lexi is very social twoards both people and dogs.  She loves learning new things and exploring new places.  While we have only had her for just under a year, it feels like she has been with us forever.  She fits right in with our family and it would be different/hard without her.  Luann did a wonderful job wtih her and was a pleasure to work with throughout the process.  There were a lot of pictures and updates leading up to the pick-up day.  It felt like we already knew Lexi before we even picked her up.

~The Vesters