About Us

We moved to the Shenandoah Valley in 1999 and purchased a small farm.  Our farmette is home to a variety of pets.  When you visit you may see my miniature horses and donkey in the field, and may hear my rescued birds.  My husband and daughter all share in the fun and responsibility of raising healthy pups.  When these babies leave to their new families there is not a dry eye in the house.  

We have nine years of experience raising cockapoo puppies .  This is a small family passion, there will be times we will not have a puppies available.  

Cockapoo Cottage is teaming up with Shortmountain Farm Doodles and Poos to provide families with Cockapoos, Cavapoos (in 2020) and Mini Goldendoodles (in 2020).  Shortmountain Farm Doodles and Poos has as much love to give their kids as I do, and as this team progresses, we will provide families with reasons why one breed is better than the other.  As some families that have been to Cockapoo Cottage, know that I am not a "breeder" per sae. I provide a home and love to rescues as well.  Raising cockapoos is my passion.  Our health guarantee will honor all babies from Cockapoo Cottage and Shortmountain Farm Doodles and Poos.


Hi!  ​​

My name is Nettie.  I came to live at Cockapoo Cottage June 2009.  I was a  companion for my 84 year old mom.  I comforted her when her body was wracked with pain from osteoarithitis.  As my mom rested in the lift chair, I covered her knees with my body to keep them warm and limber.  When my mom went to heaven in 2015, I became the matriarch of Cockapoo Cottage.